Sunday, December 19, 2010

I almost won a new car!!!

I went out to volunteer at a Mooseheads Hockey game last night and my name was drawn from the thousands of spectators to go on to the ice to shoot the puck from the blue line behind the center line for a chance to win a new car! The only thing was that they cover up the net and only leave a hole a tiny bit larger than the puck that you have to get in the puck through! Well, I was so nervous that the first time I went to shoot the puck, I actually missed the puck! lol :) On my second attempt, I shot the puck and it got within a few inches of the hole! OH, so close! That new SUV sponsored by BMO (Bank of Montreal) sure would have been nice to win. It certainly would have been a happy holiday! :) Oh well, I got a few consolation prizes from the Mooseheads, including a T-shirt, a ball cap and set of tickets for the next game (which I gave to a friend's son , so he could go enjoy the game since I'll be away for Christmas holidays.)

Well, that's all the excitement for here. I've been working a lot of overtime hours lately, trying to make up for some sick time I had taken off. No rest for the weary. I hope to get in some crafty time soon so I'll have something to share with you all.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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