Monday, February 4, 2013

Alexandria's Up Do

I just had to share this fun 'up do' with you all. I saw the idea on Pinterest, here, that provides a tutorial for how you create this look. It took me a little over an hour to do last night, and was pretty easy to do. I think it turned out pretty cute and Alexandria loves it. I don't think it will be an everyday look, though! I'm not that energetic to do this everyday!  lol :)

First, you section off her hair into rings, starting with the outer ring around the hairline.   Gather the inside hair into a clip or elastic to keep it from getting mixed in with the hair you're currently working on.   Make several little pony tails, and then with the second ring, take half of one pony tail and half of the odjacent pony tail along with a piece of the next ring of hair and put them in an elastic.  Move around in a circular motion until you finihs wiht one ring, then go on to the next ring.   It's a little confusing, but pretty easy to do.

Here's some other views...
My Sweet, Alexandria.

I braided the last bit and then swept it around in a bun.

The left side

The right side

After she slept with it in last night, a few of the elastics broke, so I tied little black and white grosgrain ribbon bows on the broken ones.  Quick fix and I think it looks even nicer with the bows in.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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