Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My First Blog Attempt

I thought I would get with the times and start a blog. I really enjoy reading everyone else's blogs on a daily basis and thought this would be a good way to share a bit of what's going on in my life. I'll mostly be using this site to showcase my latest card creations, but I'll throw in some other tidbits here and there, as well...favourite recipes, pics of my girls or whatnot.

I'm a SAHM (Stay at Home Mother) of 2 beautiful little girls, Alexandria, 5 and Natalia, 3 years old. I've been married to a wonderful Navy man, Jim, for 11 years now. Has it really been that long! Alexandria was born the day before our 6th wedding anniversary. The best anniversary gift I could have ever asked for! They keep us running all the time. They're very active, but get along really well and love each other to death! They love to play Mommy and Baby. So cute to see them playing together.

We just bought our first house in July 2006 in Forest Hills, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We're enjoying being home owners a lot, but there always seems to be lots of little things to take care. All in time...as long as my craft area can be fixed up soon! lol :) I'm in a corner of the furnace room right now...don't really like it in there as it's noisy with the furnace going. It's also where the washer and dryer are located, so it can get rather loud when everything is going at once. Not exactly peaceful and relaxing. My thought was that it was the only area in our finished basement that has an outside window so I could have natural light coming in. Don't know what I was thinking as I do 99% of my stamping in the evenings after the kids have gone to sleep and it's already black as night outside! lol So, I'm moving into the storage room downstairs where I'll have alot more room and I can sprawl! I've been doing stamping now for about a year and a half and am truly addicted! It's a wonderful hobby and I love the time that I have when I can go into my stamping space and create something...the hours just fly by! I call it my Stampin' Therapy Room. Who needs a therapist? It's called Stampin' Up! I can spend just as much money and I'm a much happier lady! I'm proud to say, My name is Julie and I'm a Stampaholic! :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit my rantings...I'll try to post often and offer something to look at.



Nancy Freckelton said...

I want you to know you are off to a great start with such a inovative name. I will be a constant reader my dear friend.

Joy T. said...

Nice you opened up the comments for us non-blogspotters :o) Your blog looks great and your projects look wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us on CST.