Friday, June 10, 2011

It's My Birthday Today! :)

I have the best friends, ever! It's no wonder we all get a long along so well with all three of our birthdays being within a week apart! are you ready for eye candy? It's like an homage to butterflies!!!

My friend, Valerie, gave me the card above along with this fabulous altered 'to do list' notebook

and this gorgeous toilet paper roll book below. What a fun project, I have to try one of these! I love them all, Val, thank you so much! :)

This stunning butterfly creation below is by another friend, Kim. She recently moved a couple of provinces away and I miss her dearly. This card will be posted proudly so that I'll think of her when I see it. Big hugs to you, Kim! Oh, by the way, my apologies, as this picture doesn't do justice to how gorgeous this card really is...the pierced layer just shimmers and the watercolours are absolutely stunning. It's definitely eye candy! Thanks so much for sending this gorgeous card to me along with the stunning stamps, too! I'll play with them soon. :)
This next card is from my Mum. She's recently got into card making and I'm so proud of her. I knew I could convert her from a devout'll only took about 10 years! lol :) Thanks so much, Mum, I love it.
What a wonderful selection of birthday cards I've received! All these butterfly creations are right up my alley! Thanks, so much, to all of you! You're the best!

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Karen McAlpine said...

Happy happy birthday!!!! Hope you had a great day!!