Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day!


Canada celebrated it's 144th birthday yesterday. We went to the Halifax Commons last night where they're holding a Pow Wow all weekend. Had a great time watching all the dancers and the girls got some beautiful beaded earrings and I got a gorgeous necklace and pendant. After we left there, we enjoyed a fantastic fireworks display last night...unfortunately we came across the whole city last night on our way home. It took us about hour and a half to drive home, what should have taken us about 20 minutes. The kiddies were getting pretty tired and fell asleep in the car.

This is a picture coming across the Angus L. MacDonald bridge that links Halifax and Dartmouth. I love it when they put the flags up on it for Canada Day. Unfortunately, they don't leave them up there because of the high winds, it would rip them up in no time.

Here's a close up of our gorgeous flag. :)

We're having a yard sale this morning...recouping a bit of cash to likely put towards more crafty supplies. Made about $50 so far, I see some new Nesties in my future. :)

My apologies for not showing you much in the line of crafty eye candy lately. We've been so busy with end of year activities with the kids, plus I broke my ankle and I've been having a terrible time with it. It's hard to sit on my bar stool at my craft desk since I usually rest my foot on the stool and it doesn't bend that way right now. I'm waiting to get in to see a surgeon since when I broke my ankle, I broke a bone completely off and it just keeps floating around my ankle bone area and it jams in and causes a lot of pain. Nice, eh? Not much fun...I think it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all! lol :) Anyway, I'll try to create something soon to show you.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Yvonne said...

Hope your foot gets better soon!


Barbi M said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering with your ankle, nasty. Hope you get back to stamping soon!
Barbi (Carousel Rubber Stamps)