Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Mail from Ila and Tracy

I had more 'happy mail' today! After waiting for two hours to get bloodwork done this morning and not being able to eat or drink...meaning no pain meds since last night, I was glad to come home to take my meds again and find some happy mail waiting in my mailbox! They definitely made my day!  Thanks so much, ladies for thinking of me!  :)

The first card above came from a friend and fellow CSTer, Ila Stachowich. What a sweet card, I just love it! How cute is little mouse?  :)  Ila does the most beautiful work and in my opinion, is the Queen of High Hopes and Magnolia stamps. Her colouring is out of this world, she makes everything look so soft and well blended. One of these days I need to take a course on colouring as that's one of the areas that I could really use help in.

This 2nd card came from my friend, Tracy Houghton. Tracy and I converse back and forth quite often and I hope to some day met her in person when we take a trip out west. She knows she's always welcome to come visit us here in Nova Scotia, too, of course! Hey, are ya up for a vacation, Trace? This cute little book worm reminds me of my 8 year old daughter. She's always reading, I'm so glad that she has a love for reading, it'll really help her down the road. 

Thanks so much to Ila and Tracy for thinking of me and brightening my day with some happy mail! :)  I have a paper crafts project to show you from the other, stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Tracy.H said...

So glad it arrived and at a time that you needed a little smile. I am hoping the blood test means someone is doing something for you!

Big Hugs :0)

Tracy.H said...

And one day I hope I can get out there!! Never been farther East than Saskatoon!! ;0)

Kim said...

Beautiful cards Julie, you deserve them! I am glad your Dr. is moving forward and arranging tests for you!! They will get the figured out soon!

Ila said...

I'm so glad a little happy mail managed to brighten your day a little. I hope and pray the Drs find out the problem soon!..Take Care!..Hugs, Ila