Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gymnastics Birthday Party

We had such a wonderful afternoon yesterday. My friend, Kelly had a gymnastics themed 4th birthday party for her little boy and my girls had such a blast running around, rolling, jumping and most of all bouncing on the big trampoline! Yeah, they didn't like that part at all! lol :) I feel kinda bad, I haven't put either of my girls into gymnastics, it's not for their lack of asking if they can do it, but I just know the problems that it can cause to your body...I did competitive gymnastics for 11 years and it destroys your back, knees, ankles... Perhaps I'm being way too overprotective, and I know what they do as young kids is just recreational and they don't get into the moves that harm your body by twisting and contorting it into ways that I'm sure it was never meant to be, but I'm sure they'd fall in move with the sport the same as I did and want to continue. However, I saw the smiles on their faces yesterday and it really made me think that the decision I had made to keep them out of it was wrong. I just know that I had so many muscle and ligament sprains and bone breaks that in the end it just wasn't worth it to me anymore. But, I did have a lot of fun and it's wonderful for toning your body and for flexibility. I dunno, maybe I'll change my mind down the road...

Ok, onto my card now that I've rambled on and on! Sorry about that! lol :) I had to make a birthday card for a little boy, so I tried to keep it on the boyish side and I had seen a card that my SU Demo, Yvonne Balmer had at the party the other night and I fell in love with it. Her card used the same 4 little windows, but it used the bug set from SU. I don't have that set, so I used a boyish themed stamps from Studio G. I got it in my head that I wanted to alter the style of Yvonne's card and make mine into one that looked like a present with the ribbon crossed and a little bow in the centre. I think it turned out kinda cute. Perhaps it's not as boyish as it should have been, but I don't think a 4 year old will be really concerned! lol :)

These are the sweet little treat cans that Kelly made for all the kids. They were all different and so darn cute! You crafty girl, Kelly! :) My girls absolutely love their little tin cans. As soon as they came home they dumped all the treats out and filled their cans with an assortment of 'special' things from around the house. I even caught Alexandria hugging her tin! Too bad they don't like them at all! lol :)

Card Supplies:
Stamps: Boy Themed stamps (Studio G), Birthday stamps - inside card (Studio G)
Ink: Gable Green (SU), Bashful Blue (SU)
Cardstock: Wild Wasabi (SU), Bashful Blue (SU), Flat White and Flat Black (CRS)
Tools: Cuttlebug with Tiny Bubbles Embossing Folder, 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Circle Punches (Creative Memories)
Embellishments: Black with White Dots Ribbon (Dollarama), Green Jumbo Brad (Dollarama)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Tracy.H said...

What adorable tins!

I can understand you not putting them in. But you know...for now it is just can always have a chat with them about it if they do decide to go further with it when they get older. I think mine will be going in fairly soon too...either that or dance...they are quite eager to get into something!! :0)