Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Bunny Basket Tutorial

I've had a few requests for a template for the Spring Bunny Basket that I made this afternoon, so I thought I'd share the directions with you all.

Punches Used for Bunny:
Circles~ Body: 1 3/4",Head: 1 1/4", Muzzle & Feet: 3/4", Tail: 1/2", Eyes & Nose: 1/4"

Ears: Small & Large

Basket Base~
Step 1: First, cut a piece of cardstock to measure 7" x 7" square. Using your scoring blade, make score lines 2" in from each of the four sides. (If you click on the picture below, you will probably see my score lines better.)

Step 2: Using your cutting blade or scissors, cut along the scored lines as shown below. ONLY to the centre square, though. For the tabs, I folded the middle part back and then cut 1" off the two end pieces to create the tabs. Then, with my scissors, I freehand cut the diagonal pieces to finish the tab design. On the bottom of your box, add double-sided tape to the tabs. If you're using plain cardstock, it won't matter which is the top and which is the bottom.

Step 3: With the double-sided tape facing down, fold up the sides of the box at the pre-scored lines. Remove your tape and form a box by folding the corners in to meet each other. Your diagonally cut tabs should be on the inside of your corners as shown below.
Patterned Paper~
Cut a strip of patterned paper that measures 12" x 1 1/2".  Apply double-sided tape to the back side and adhere to the top part of the pink basket base.  I also scored the sides so that it lays smooth against the basket base.  I suggest wrapping it around so that your seam is hidden behind the bunny.

Scalloped Edge~
Cut 2 strips measuring 1 1/2"  x 8 1/2" of Pink Pirouette (SU) cardstock.   I used my diamond scallop border punch.  You can get two sides from each piece.

After you've scalloped all the borders, cut your pieces so that the top edge measures 3".   Make a score line 1/2" from the straight edge.   Trim the sides with your scissors so that they taper towards the score line.  Add double-sided tape to the back side and fold over to make the finished edge for the basket.  Fold in half and attach to the basket base over the patterned paper.  As you can see, I used Terrifically Tacky Tape or red-line tape on the outside of the scalloped border to make sure it stayed down.  

Basket Handle~
Cut 1 strip measuring 1 1/2"  x 8 1/2" of Pink Pirouette (SU) cardstock.   Add double-sided tape to each of the ends as shown in the picture and attach to the inside of your finished basket base.   Using a thumb tack, poke a hole in each side of your basket base though the handle so make a hole for your jumbo brad.  This will secure the handle to the box quite well.

I hope you have fun making this Spring Bunny Basket!  Again, I have to thank Mercedes Weber for the original design, I've just helped with a few pictures for those who prefer visual tutorials.  I hope this is easy for everyone to follow!   Have fun!  :)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Deborah March said...

Just the CUTEST Julie!! I can see using this next Easter for some little grandkidlets. Wish you ALL GOOD THINGS for your doctor's appointment today!