Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I do...

Yippee, I finally got in some stampin' therapy time tonight! Unfortunately, I can't share my card with you as my camera isn't co-operating with me! lol :) I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get some natural light and hopefully that will fix the problem.

I was asked a question by Karlene as to what I do outside the home. Along with being a wife and mother of two young girls (5 and 7 years), I work part time for a major chain grocery store as a cashier and also at the customer service counter. That's usually a few nights a week and the odd Saturday. But, I've also just returned to work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Halifax. This is the third year that I've worked with them during their largest annual fundraising campaign, Bowl for Kids Sake Event. This fundraiser brings in roughly $250,000 and it's my job to deal with the mounds of pledge sheets that come with an event that large. I'm a Team Leader and along with a staff of 7 others, it takes us about 2 months to get all the data put into their system, send out receipts for donations made or send out invoices for unpaid pledges, run reports, etc, etc. I work with such a great group of people and this is such a wonderful company that does so much to help children that I'm proud to be a part of it. It makes for long weeks when I'm working both jobs plus taking care of my family while trying to maintain the house, too, but it's worth it. It gives me a good feeling to know that I'm a part of it.

So, that's why my posts will be a little sparse for the next little while. I know you'll all understand. If my camera co-operates in the morning, I'll have a couple of new cards to show you. One will be from some happy mail that I received today, but alas it was made on glossy cardstock and again my photography skills just didn't do it justice, so I'm gonna fool around with some camera settings again tomorrow. So, stay tuned I have more eye candy to follow...

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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MrsETaylor said...

I think that is a really great thing that you are doing with the Big Brothers and Sisters Organizations. I'll be patient when it comes to ya posting *s*

Hope you get the camera figured out, for I'm jonesin for Mrs Mutch creations!