Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Everyone! :) Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing day with your families. We're just getting things ready for my parents to arrive for Easter dinner. I can only imagine the madness that's gonna happen soon, though...things were a little quiet and we wondered what my youngest (5 year old) daughter was up to. I just found her hiding under a table with only a third of her solid chocolate bunny left! EEP! That should be fun later! I joked and said I think she's
gonna grow wings 'cause she'll be flying around the house! Guess that'll be enough chocolate for her for a few days! lol :)

I wanted to share these cute little cupcake lip glosses and monogrammed note books that I found at Michaels in their $1.50 section. Too cute and the girls love them! :) They only had a few of the note books left, so I ended up getting an "A" for Alexandria, but I had to go with a "T" for Natalia. But, her nickname is Tallie or Talia, so she's happy with it, nonetheless.

Here's how the little monogrammed notebook opens, the top part of magnetic no it stays closed.
Then, you can open it up fully to reveal the notepad.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


MrsETaylor said...

A very Happy easter to you and yours J.

Yvonne said...

Cute story about the Easter Bunny...I can daughter hid under the bed with her advent calendar. lol
Sounds as though your Easter was good. Ours was quiet except for everytime the phone rang, which was often, family wondering if we had a new Grandbaby yet? lol Not yet.

Tracy.H said...

I saw those note pad holders at Michaels too...thought about buying one so I could copy it!! ;0)