Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in July Challenge card from Deborah

This month's card challenge with our local group of stampers was "Christmas in July" and this beautiful card is the one that I got last night. This lovely embroidered Christmas tree card was made by my friend, Deborah. She really makes the most wonderful embroidered cards. She swears that they're not that difficult to do, that she just watches TV while she stitches them. But, I don't think she gives herself nearly enough credit! I don't think I'd have nearly enough patience! lol :)

The top picture captured some of the shimmer and the metallic cardstock, but I lost some of the thread and beads in the photo. So, here's a couple of different angles to show you the stitching a bit better.

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful card with me, Deborah! I love it! :) By the way, my hubby doesn't show a huge interest in my cardmaking, I guess the same as I don't show an interest in his aircraft modelling, but when I showed him this card he was in complete awe! :)
Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Deborah March said...

Sopleased you liked it Ms Julie...