Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congrats from Deborah

I left my part-time job at the end of July before we started vacation as I was offered a full-time position elsewhere and I happily took them up on it. I'm looking forward to starting my new job after the girls start school in a couple of weeks and being able to work days again. Yeah, no more nights or weekends or daycare issues when Jim's away or on Duty watch! Yippee! :)

My friend, Deborah was so sweet and gave me this congratulations card the other night when we got together. Thanks so much Deborah, it's beautiful! I just love it. I also have another one of her cards that I received from our swap, but I'm waiting on a few techniques that she used to share with you before I post it. You're gonna be amazed!

This is the inside of the card above. It reads,
Wishing you much success
in your new job, Ms. Julie!

In friendship,
Well, it's another hot one's time to go swimming again to cool down!

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Julie - congrats on the new job!!