Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Treats

The girls had so much fun last night out trick or treating. We went around our Circle and down another one close by, and they came home with quite a candy haul. Much more than they need, but they have fun going door to door. It's funny, we have a large Tupperware bowl that we keep Halloween candy in and last year's candy actually lasted us until just two weeks ago. Pretty good if the candy lasts them a whole year, eh? lol :)

Anyway, I had to share these sweet little bookmarks that the girls got last night. It looks like someone handmade these, but unfortunately I don't know who gave them to them or I'd thank them. They're really nice and we'll use them for sure. The girls love to read and often we read chapter stories so these will come in handy. I thought these were a great treat to give out instead of candy, something that they can keep and use.

Can anyone tell me, do these things look like something that you can just buy pre-done? I'd love to know, I think they'd make super gifts to add to birthday presents for the girls' friends.

Here's a close up of the turtle

Here's a close up of the whale

Well, I have a few things to do before I head off to work. I'm sure it'll be busy tonight, so the time should go by quickly. :)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Tracy.H said...

Wow! These are awesome. Our girls were just happy with the playdough and pencils they got...aside for the candy haul that is. ;0)

Tracy.H said...

Oh...and they also received coupons for free kids meals at Boston Pizza...which I thought was kinda cool. :0)