Thursday, November 6, 2008

My ceran range top cracked :(

I am so completely bummed! We bought all new appliances 5 years ago and on Monday I discovered a large crack going down one half of my ceran stove top! Ok, I thought, this sucks, but I'll contact the people I bought it from and surely they'll send someone right over to fix it. After all, I spent nearly $4000 with them and we bought a 4 year extended warranty on top of the 5 year manufacturer warranty, as well, so we'll be fine. NOT!

I contacted the company that I bought it from and they told me to contact their extended warranty department. They tell me that my coverage has expired since I'm 3 months over my warranty and that the extended warranty that I purchased doesn't cover the ceran top! But, that's the reason we bought the extended warranty in the first place, because they told us that if the ceran top was to crack it would cost nearly as much to replace the glass top as to replace the whole stove, this would save us that expense. Now, they're telling us that it doesn't cover it and that I would have to deal with the maker of the range directly. No help there either...since I'm over the warranty by 3 months, they won't do anything to help me. I'm still not done with them, I figure they should be doing their best to satisfy the customer (me) since that's the least they could do after I gave them that much business.

I'm so angry I could cry. This really sucks! So, that's why I haven't been crafty the past few days. I've been on the phone and looking online to try to find a resolution to my current useless stove top. Anyway, hopefully I'll get in some crafty time soon. I have to go to work tonight, but I'm pretty open tomorrow. Plus, I have a 'welcome baby' gift to make, so that's a happy occasion. My friend had her little girl, so it's time to celebrate with a cute project. I'll share it soon.

Well, gotta go get ready for work now. I'll keep ya posted when and if I find out anything else.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Krisstee said...

Keep fighting............the greasy wheel often gets attention.
We are fighting with a store for my Mom. She bought a deep freeze 2 years far nobody has come through with anything. Are they making disposable appliances now?
Good luck!

Jenni said...

I feel your pain Julie. I bought a patio set this summer from Sears. Well, a month after I got it, a cat jumped on my table top and the glass shattered. Well, I called Sears and they said that the glass wasn't covered. Everything was covered for 3 years, but not the glass...even though it was obviously defective for a cat to break it. Then I found out it would be $400 for new glass, which is what the patio set cost me. Very, very frustrating...I feel your pain!

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