Sunday, December 13, 2009

More excitement in the Mutch household

So, it's been an eventful day today. We got up this morning and had a wonderful Brunch of homemade French Toast and Raspberry Cherry Banana Smoothies - one of our favourites. We were lounging for a bit, about to start to get a few Christmas trimmings out. The girls were playing beside me in the rec room and Alexandria (my 8 year old) tried to pull her sister, Natalia (my 6 year old) up off the couch by the arm and by accident twisted her arm a bit while pulling her up and she dislocated Natalia's elbow!

Natalia started screaming and crying. First, I thought that my little drama queen was over-reacting as per usual. But, I asked her come over to me so that I could look at her arm. As soon as I saw it I knew something was wrong, my first thought was that it was dislocated or perhaps broken as it was twisted around at the elbow. Rather gross!

We got ready I took her to our local children's hospital and the nurse and resident agreed that it looked like it was dislocated, they just wanted the doctor to confer. About 5 minuted before she finally came in to see us, Natalia was trying to shift about in bed and she leaned on elbow and we heard a snap. She popped it back in joint all by herself! A gross thought, but I'm glad she did it on her own instead of the doctor having to snap it back in place which is what she was about to do.

So, the pain is all gone now, but she'll have to be careful as once you've put a bone out of joint, it's likely to happen again much more easily. No more tug of war games for her! lol :)

On a bright note, Natalia was very excited to lose her very first baby tooth today! She's pretty excited for the tooth fairy to come! Above is a pic of her with her new funny-toothed smile! :)

Well, I think after all the excitement today, I'm ready for some crafty therapy time! I'll post my creation soon.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


maiahs_momma said...

HOLY COW, you guys are having a rough couple of months...poor Natalia and hurray for loosing her first tooth.

see ya later :D!

Tracy.H said...

Poor thing! Our youngest had the same thing happen when she was about 10months old. Daddy did it though...he felt awful! Everyone at the hospital was laughing about it...we were scared and worried what they would say to us...they were like...'it happens all the time!' But at least your daughter had the tooth to get her mind off of what had just happened! ;0)

Diana Jiron Graff said...

ohmygoodness Julie!!! poor Talie! and poor Alex, she must have felt horrible.. oh dear..
well I hope all is well for a while at your house, no more broken or dislocated bones..