Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Chabalah's, anyone?

I just finished making supper and thought I would share a funny story. I made, Chabalah's, as we call them. My oldest daughter has never been a fan of beans of any sort. I kept trying to sneak them into foods, hoping that she wouldn't notice and would just eat them. But, she always pied them and wouldn't eat them. I even went so far as to use a layer of refried beans in Mexican Chicken Lasagna, she never knew and loved it! lol

Well, one night I made a rice sidedish and it had mixed bean medley in it, my daughter asked what one of the beans was, and before I could say anything, my husband pipes up "Chabalahs, try them, they're good!" Obviously he just made the word up, we pronouce it Cha-bal-ahs. Well, she tried them and loved them. So, from now on, anything with beans in it is known by the code word and she's eats them up like they're going out of style! LOL :) Terrible to have to be so devious, but the rest of us love beans and and I'm not one to make different meals for everyone for supper, so I'm glad she likes them now. Anyway, incase anyone else out there is having problems with a certain food, maybe you could try out our solution! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by, Chalablah's should be cooled down enough now to eat, gotta go!

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Nancy Freckelton said...

I am so sorry on your grandmothers passing but to be ill like that is terrible.
I used to tell my kids that liver was chicken if I called it chicken they would eat it if I said liver no go lol rofl. I must be getting old lol.