Monday, February 5, 2007

A good find...

Ok, so I love love love the Dollarama! lol It's amazing what you can buy for a dollar! I just try not to think of some poor person that spent all this time making something and then I buy it for a buck. How much did they make off that?? A nickle? Yup, we won't think of that!

So here's my latest find. They've probably had these for a while I just haven't looked at gift bags in a while. I seem to have an insane supply at home that I just keep recycling on.

But, I spied this and how cute, is it! Perfect for the paperholics like myself! :) I just love the little faux leather flower attached with a brad and the clear strap handles. Isn't it funny to get this excited about a gift bag...I have an illness...I know I do! lol :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy shopping at the Dollarama!


Tracy.H said...

Very cute bag!!

steelydawn said...

That gift bag is great! I feel the same way about dollarama. The other day I went there and saw some great things as well. You're not alone!


Gerrie E. West said...

Julie, very nice blog. I am so sorry you have lost your very dear grandmother. Seems she had a wonderful life though and we know that we are only feeling sorry for ourselves but must indulge for a short time . as for rthe gift bag............... the diseASE IS CALLED ..paperholic.....LOL I seem to have the same one LOL . your little girls look sweet . here's a happy card for you .or a few
LOL . go to Gerrie West