Thursday, February 1, 2007

A little Princess Castle

So it's cold here again today, so thought I would try to entertain the kids with a crafty project. I have a hidden agenda...trying to keep the floor as free of toys as I can, so less to clean up for my party tomorrow night! Too much other stuff to do, rather than have to spend time cleaning toys up, too! But, the girls had a blast!

I got the foam cut outs at Michaels a couple of weeks ago on sale for $5 for a whole container full of shapes. Bought the foam sheets today at the dollar store. We covered an old coffee can that I put through the dishwasher to get rid of the coffee smell. Not that it's a bad smell, but thought the girls would appreciate a clean smelling castle! lol So, a cheap project to do and the kids are happy as pie!

I'll be making the ice cream cake after the kiddies go to bed, so I'll post that pic later tonight with the recipe.

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