Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Card from Catherine

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and had a great visit with my parents. They brought a fabulous supper and we had a chocolate mousse cheesecake that was to die for! I've got some $ to go shopping with, think I'll take a little road trip soon to get some new Nestabilities. :) Hey girls, you know who you are, anyone wanna go to Kristy's in Tantallon, with me? :)

My friend, Catherine dropped off this sweet card for me today. From pictures that I've seen, this image reminds me so much of my Mum when she was that age with the curls and little ribbons in her hair. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Catherine!

Well, I have a wedding shower card to make. I'll share it with you later. Stay tuned...

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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