Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You're My Superman!

I was asked to make this card for another co-worker who's hubby apparently likes Superman...I opted not to ask any further questions on that one...perhaps it's her that likes Superman, not him...humm, role playing perhaps! Just Kidding! lol :)

She wanted the Superman logo along with the sentiment, "You're my Superman!" So, I looked online and found this logo and printed it off. The blue printed off, but I coloured in the logo with my Touch markers. I also typed up the sentiment in MS Word and printed it off. I went with the bright Superman colours, as well. I hope it likes it! :)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

Cardstock: China Red Linen (CRS), Jet Black Linen (CRS), Bright Yellow & Royal Blue (The Paper Company), Flat White (Staples)
Ink: Carmine Touch Markers (Shinham Art), Yellow (Crayola Sketch Marker)
Embellishments: Black Jumbo Brads (Dollarama)

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