Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip to Sheet Harbour Falls

My youngest daughter went to Sparks (the first level of Girl Guides) camp this weekend and after we picked her up yesterday morning, we all went for a little road trip to Sheet Harbour. We had a nice picnic lunch right by the water and the kids played at one of local playgrounds for a bit. Afterwards, we walked down through the woods to Sheet Harbour Falls and took a few pictures. This is such a beautiful place and the girls loved it. Here's a few shots of the scenery and of my girls. The picture above is looking up from the bottom of the falls while standing on a bridge.

This is the view you have of looking down on the falls while standing on the bridge at the road.

When you get back up to the top there's a museum and they have a beautiful little arbor and gazebo there.  Here's a pic of my girls sitting under the arbor.

This is Alexandria standing at the foot of a massive wood carving beside the gazebo.

Here's Natalia perched on the same massive wood carving.

This one of Natalia is just for fun, just 'cause I'm so darn proud of her!  She's been trying to do handstands and cartwheels for months now and she finally learned how to last week.  Here's one of handstands, following right in Mama's gymnastics background footsteps!  :)

Ok, that's all for now.  Time to head to bed.  I'm back to work in the morning, so I need to go get some sleep!

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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featheredheaven said...

Julie, Thanks for shariing your weekend pics! The pictures of the Falls are beautiful, I have never heard of this place before. Maybe somewhere to take a nice day trip! Your girls are beautiful....congrats on Natalia's handstand!