Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cranberry Granola Crunch

I found another very yummy recipe that I had to share. A friend of mine asked for the recipe, so I thought I'd use my recipe card stamps to make a copy for her. I got this recipe out of this months copy of Reader's Digest magazine (a Canadian publication). We're big fans of granola here in our house, as you can see from the recent granola bar recipe, as well. Granola is so yummy on ice-cream or frozen yogurt or the best layered in a cup with vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit. Yummy! :)

Here's the recipe directions.
This is what the granola looks like when it's all cooled and broken up into chunks.
I'll be back later tonight with something crafty to show you. I've been busy lately tidying and organizing my house. Jim came home today and said "Jules, the house looks really nice, you're not nesting. are you?" To which I immediately said, "Bite your tongue!" You see, we're supposed to be done having kids! lol :) I'm really just trying to rid myself of my pack-rat ways. To be truthful, I quite proud of myself. I'm throwing away stuff that I've been keeping around for years. I guess it's about time and I do agree the place looks better now. lol :)

Time to go have supper, thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Tracy.H said...

I think it is a January thing for most of us. Once the tree is down you just want to tidy and unclutter everything. The granola looks very yummy! :0)

dasimonds said...

Hi Julie...
Your Cranberry Granola Crunch
sounds and looks delicious!!
Do you have a printable wersion
of this? I would love to try it!

dasimonds said...

*printable version...lol

Nancy LeB said...

my husband made the reader's digest recipe a few days ago - it is great. I just printed the other one for him to try. Thanks, Nancy LeB in Bridgewater

Julie Mutch said...

Please check out my next blog post for the printable version of this recipe. Enjoy! :)