Monday, February 2, 2009

Bunny Box Basket Tutorial

Hopefully, with Spring on it's way soon (...I'm hoping the Groundhog doesn't see his shadow today!), I thought I'd do up a tutorial for a cute little bunny box basket that I designed. The girls and I had fun making these yesterday and they're super easy to make.

Bunny Box Basket:

Step 1: First, cut a piece of cardstock to measure 7" x 7" square. Using your scoring blade, make score lines 2" in from each of the four sides. (If you click on the picture below, you will probably see my score lines better.)

Step 2: Using your cutting blade, cut along the scored lines as shown below. ONLY to the centre square, though. For the tabs, I folded the middle part back and then cut 1" off the two end pieces to create the tabs. Then, with my scissors, I freehand cut the diagonal pieces to finish the tab design. On the bottom of your box, add double-sided tape to the tabs. If you're using plain cardstock, it won't matter which is the top and which is the bottom.

Step 3: With the double-sided tape facing down, fold up the sides of the box at the pre-scored lines. Remove your tape and form a box by folding the corners in to meet each other. Your diagonally cut tabs should be on the inside of your corners as shown below.
Bunny Ears Template (Just click on the picture below and you can print it off in full size from there.)

Step 4: From the template provided above, cut out your heart. (Note the circle is there just to show you how you attach the ears to the head.) Trace the heart onto white cardstock and cut it out. (I placed my heart template on pink cardstock below so that you could see it.)

Step 5: Punch out 1 - pink 3/4" circle, 1 - white 1" circle (I used my Creative Memories punches) and 4 - white small ovals - 1 3/8" x 1 7/8" (using the blue blade with your second smallest Creative Memories Oval Custom Cutting Template.) Use a fine marker of your colour choice (I used mauve) for the toes. Follow the pictures below to make the toes for the right and left sides as the strokes are facing different directions for each side.
Step 6: Cut out the Inner Ear template from the template provided. Trace it twice onto pink cardstock and cut each of them out.

Step 7: Using your Cuttlebug and your second largest Classic Circle Nestability, make one circle diecut on white cardstock for the head. Now, punch out 2 - mauve circles using a basic office hole punch and adhere to the circleto make the eyes. Adhere the pink circle for the nose (that you punched out already) and freehand draw the little mouth and whiskers. Adhere your pink inner ear pieces to your white outer ear piece (the white heart that you cut out earlier in Step #4.) Adhere the heart with double-sided tape to the back of the circle that you cut.

Step 8: Now, using double-sided tape, you may adhere the finished bunny head to the box that you finished in Step #3.

Step 8: Using Terrifically Tacky Tape by Provocraft, attach the handle little handle to the box to form your basket. Adhere the white cotton tail to the back of the box.

Step 9: Using double-sided tape, adhere the feet to the right and left side, paying attention to the direction of the toes so that they're facing down.

Step 10: Fill the basket with your choice of candy or goodies and you're done!

Wow, I didn't think it would take that many steps to make up this tutorial, I guess it's partially because I'm rather long-winded! lol :) This really is a super easy project to do, your kids will love it! Have fun!

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Kim said...

Ahhh...Julie this is adorable! No doubt the girls had a blast making them! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy.H said...

Very cute, Julie! :0)