Saturday, March 24, 2007

Apple Eatin' Fun

Did you ever imagine that eating an apple could bring so much happiness to a little girl? lol :) My youngest daughter would rather eat fruit or yogurt over sweets any day. Unlike my oldest daughter who loves cake and cookies, but will eat fruit, too, she just doesn't eat as much as the little one. Good thing she keeps thin, must be all that running she does! I want to know where I could get a hold of some of that energy...why can't we bottle it for future use!! That's what I want to know!

Well, that's all for now, just thought I would share a pic of my little ones, I'll be making some more cards tonight and I'll post them tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm off to enjoy the beautiful sunny day we're having here, before it starts to rain again!

Thanks for stopping by!


Diana Graff said...

Aw.. they are so precious. I miss seeing them and you, now that we are all getting better how about coming over ? Give me a call later on to make plans, maybe Monday or Thursday, since Diego is staring hsi program on Tuesday , and Alicia hers on Friday, and Wednesday is baby's playdate ;) and they get scared of the big kids.


Anonymous said...

Definitely cute princesses!