Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm back home from vacation

Well, I guess it's called vacation...but it certainly wasn't the tropics! lol We headed off Friday afternoon to go up to my in-laws place in New Brunswick for a few days. We had a good visit with Jim's parents and a bunch of other family members. Always nice to go visit, but it's normally a rather stressful time, the girls act crazy when we go there, I think they get a little shack happy in the small space and they get into everything. Sometimes, it's so much nicer just to be at home, where they have their toys and there's nothing that they can get into. But, nonetheless, the grandparents were pleased to see the kiddies and it was nice to get compliments from everyone on my weight loss. :) A lot of them haven't seen me since Christmas or even the Summer time and I've lost 51 lbs now since Sept, so they can see quite a difference. Makes a girl feel very nice to get lots of nice compliments! :)

We got home last night after a fairly long trip home. Normally, it's a 4 1/2 hour drive home...but, it took us 6 1/2 hours. Our little girl, Natalia, ended up getting the stomach flu on Sunday night. I was up with her until 6 am, when Jim took over with her. She threw up all night long as I sat with her, as soon as I went to bed, she just slept for Jim. Isn't that just the way! Anyway, I'm glad she was finally getting some relief. My poor little girl. Then, she threw up once on the way home. I feel rather bad, the girls had both just fallen asleep and I spied a scrapbooking store and asked Jim if we could stop for a 'minute' so I could take a peek. LOL...we both knew it was gonna be more than a minute. Well, I ended up chatting with the store owner as I perused the patterned paper and embellishments. I guess I was in there for about 20 minutes and just as I was paying for my delicious new paper, the door flies open and Jim announces in a panicked voice, "Come out, NOW!" Well, I went outside and Natalia had thrown up all over herself in her car seat. But, that was the last of it. I think the piece of banana that she had a half hour earlier didn't settle well and that's what upset her stomach this time. I wasn't even thinking about how rich a banana was. Glad she ended up only eating one bite when she said she had enough. I can only imagine the mess, had she eaten the whole thing! Anyway, we stopped at a restaurant on the way home and the girls behaved very well and eat a bit and we were home soon for them to sleep in their own beds.

Today, I had the exciting job of doing post vacation laundry, and we actually got some painting down around the house, as well. The girls had a great day of playing, Natalia is feeling much better today and no signs of sickness from Alexandria, knock on wood! I think I'll play a bit with my stamps tonight, going through a bit of card making withdrawal after being away from them all weekend. I came home to 157 new emails from all my blog feeds and Yahoo stamping forum and personal emails. That took a while last night to go through all of those so I didn't get a chance to play last night.

Off to play...thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. I must have missed that you were going on vacation and was wondering why your blog hadn't been updated in awhile. Whew!

Diana Graff said...

good to have you back!