Sunday, March 4, 2007

Some interesting aerial pictures

Thought these might be interesting for everyone. I like aerial pictures, gives you such a different view that you're not used to seeing, or at least I'm not used to seeing! lol :) My husband was on a training flight today and was able to get some neat shots while he was up.

This first one is of the Halifax Harbour with Halifax on the left and the twin city, Dartmouth on the right of the harbour. I live in Dartmouth.

This is a pic of the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge, the bridge that connects the two cities from downtown.

This is our other bridge, the A. Murray MacKay Bridge.

This is a shot of the area where I live, Forest Hills, Dartmouth, NS.

This is our subdivision. Fieldwood Circle is the U shape. There's an elementary school just off to the side of our back yard. The school is the large building in the bottom right hand corner, up to the left of the school you'll see a house with a gray roof and an above ground pool. We're the 3rd house down from there with lots of trees in our back yard.

Hope you enjoyed looking at our little neck of the woods! Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

I wish these were my pictures....what great fun for scrapbooking! Thanks for sharing these.