Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Package Card

Package card closed & ribbon closure undone.

First 2 flaps opened & last 2 flaps opened.

Card fully opened & closeup of first 2 squares.

Closeup of last 2 squares.

I thought I would share this little card that I made last year at a SU workshop. It was part of a Fun-Fold Class that we did where we made 4 different cards. I really like cards like this that are a bit different from the norm. I don't tend to make many, mainly because they tend to take longer to make, and as it is, my DH thinks I spend a crazy amount of time making just one regular card, I'd hate to fuel his fire for my little hobby! lol :) Sorry for the small pics, but I thought I would post them smaller so that they didn't take up so much space. If you want a better look, just click on the picture for a larger view.

These are the different stages of how you open the card. It's a cute design and I love the SU set, Unfrogettable. I still don't own this one, I've only used it the one time I did this class and it belonged to my old SU Demo up in Ontario. I really 'need', do you like how I said 'need' to buy this set. It's been on my wish list since I spied it, but other sets seem to have taken priority. But, this set is too cute, not to have, so I think it will be my next set to order. Oh the stamp madness really is a sickness, isn't it!!! lol :) The set used to make the background is also by SU, it's 'Simple Shapes.' I really like the versatility of this set, you can play around so much with this one. Lots of fun to use. :)

Have fun with this design and thanks for stopping by!

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Diana Graff said...

oooh cute! so cute!!! hehehe, it looks like a lot of fun to do ;)