Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Little Cutie Petuties

I love watching the girls making snow angels! They were so happy to play outside in the new snow a few days ago. It was really cold though, so we only stayed outside for a few minutes. Just enough time to take a few pics to add to the scrapbook! lol :)

Unfortunately, I think they're both coming down with my flu. :( Natalia, my 3 year old, doesn't nap in the afternoon anymore and she just put herself down for a nap. All was quiet upstairs and we went up to check on her and she was all tucked in bed, sound asleep.

Alexandria, my 5 year old is laying on the couch, very quiet as well, nearly asleep. Poor little girls. I fear it's gonna be a long few days if everyone is under the weather.

I'm feeling much better today. My head still really hurts from the fall, but the dizziness is gone, so that's good. On the bright side, I've lost 3 lbs since Thursday morning! lol LA Weight loss will be pleased with me when I go in for my weigh-in on Tuesday. I'm down 48.2 lbs now! I just tried on a skirt this morning that a friend of mine gave me and it fits! Yippee! I've dropped 4 sizes so far! Oh, how happy was I over that! :)

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Tracy.H said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better today. Sorry to hear that the little ones are sick...been going through that here too...not fun! And BIG congrats on the weightloss!! Woohoo for you!! :0)