Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back in Action

Wow, it's amazing how much I missed my little card making area during the weekend while we were away. I didn't get a chance to play the past couple of nights, as the kiddies were later getting to sleep, and then I thought it was too late to get crafty. Sometimes if I leave it too late to craft, I just end up just messing up what I was attempting and it's a shame to waste good card stock and supplies. lol :)

So, this is the creation that I came up with tonight after my girls went to sleep. Natalia is feeling much better, btw. She hasn't been sick to her stomach since the drive home on Monday, however both girls have been running fevers yesterday and today. Hopefully, it's just their way of fighting off whatever is trying to attack them. That's usually what they do and the next day they're all better. Fingers crossed! :)

In this card I tried a new way, to me, for using ribbon, I kinda like it. I haven't used eyelets in ages, so I pulled out the ol' Silent Setter and added a few. I also used a couple of the patterned papers that I got on the drive home on Monday at the scrapbooking store that I visited in Newcastle, New Brunswick. I thought they were really nice papers, unlike the papers that I normally use, but I really like them. An elegant Jules :) Yeah, I don't usually talk about myself in the third person, just trying to poke fun at myself! :) What do ya think of this style? I don't know that I really have one style, I tend to jump around to whatever seems to make me happy for the time being. Sometimes happy whimsical cards, sometimes serious, sometimes romantic or elegant, sometimes girly, as long as it includes some pretty paper or cardstock and some great stamps, I guess it doesn't matter, it all makes my day a little happier! How's that for a rant about nothing? lol :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Allison said...

Love this...the colors and images are great!

Ila said...

Wonderful Card!! I love it ..and the amazing way you've used the ribbon. I hope the kiddies are better soon.