Saturday, March 10, 2007

Junior cardmaker and sleepy girl...

Thought I would post a couple more pics of my girls. First one is of my little self-napper, Natalia, this afternoon. She's happy as can be, surrounded by Dora and clutching 'the beloved, Cookie Bear' very closely! He goes everywhere with her. It's a stuffed bear made by Cherished Teddies. He has the name of Cookie on his belly. He sports a red sweater with a Gingerbreadman cookie on it. Here's another pic of her at Xmas with Cookie Bear in tow. We've almost lost him n several occasions and gone back to where we lost him and with luck got him back again! Unfortunately they don't sell this line of bears anymore, we'd love to have a spare, just in case we lose him, so if anyone has one that they would like to pass along to her, just in case, it would much appreciated!

The third pic is of Alexandria, my junior cardmaker, in the making! She loves making cards and says she's learning how to be a cardmaker, just like Mummy! (As Jim rolls his eyes... I think he knows it's gonna cost us more money! :) lol) Can you tell she loves pink and red and especially my new 'toy' as she calls it, my new SU Spring Bouquet Flower punch. She was just in a punchin' frenzy! :) The card on the left was one she made for her Daddy and the one on the right was for me. Don't ya love the big silver flower I got on mine! The other one she calls a snow angel flower for Jim. She's a creative little one!

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Tracy.H said...

Very pretty cards, Alexandria!