Saturday, March 24, 2007

My New Stampin' Space

So the mouse decided to play tonight while the cat was away... lol :) Jim's duty on the ship tonight, so he has to spend the night down there. After I got the kiddies bathed up and off to bed I took the opportunity to move my craft area into the larger storage room and took over one end of it. I'm so pleased, I have so much more room! Before I was shoved in back of the furnace in the back corner of the laundry room! It was so noisy with the furnace going and most times since I do my stamping in the evenings, the washer and dryer were also going... it didn't exactly make for a tranquil environment. I'd try to listen to music, but it would have to be blasting in order to hear it over all the other racket! lol :)

As you can see we still need to finish the walls, I started to patch them, (don't look too closely!) but they really need to be redone altogether. In time... But, most importantly, I now have all my stuff that I use most often set out in arms reach of me, as well as having a pantry cupboard on the opposite wall of the table that I have extra boxes of embellishments, cardstock and crafty supplies in. Before I moved, the room was a wreck, I should have taken a before pic, but I was too embarrassed, it's much much much tidier now. I'm sure Jim will be pleased, even if I have taken over another room in the house. Oh well, the Princess has to be happy, eh? lol :) I'm far from a Princess, just kidding!

Anyway, I had to share my new area, I should be in there tomorrow to get creating again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Diana Graff said...

Good for you! hehehe you are a few feet closer from taking over the computer space, where you SHOULD be ;) hehehe