Monday, April 21, 2008

Scenic East Coast Pics

Well, I think Jim and I have put more miles on the car in the past two weeks than we have in the past year. Lots of roads trips, Jim had to go to Sydney by himself a week ago last Saturday and then we had to go there together on Wednesday for the funeral. Just this past weekend, we took the girls for a road trip to Yarmouth and Digby. We had a really nice weekend with beautiful, sunny, warm weather. From our home, it's a 4 hour drive to Yarmouth, we stayed there over night at the Rodd Grand Hotel and in the morning we drove another hour to Digby, stayed there for a the afternoon and then headed back to the city which is another 3 hour drive. We met up with my best friend, Michèle and had supper with her. She was in town for the weekend from Moncton. It was really nice to see her and my girls just love her to death. Over the weekend, we had some beautiful sunshine and it got up to +15C on Saturday. We took a trip out to Cape Forchu and walked along the rocks by the ocean at the Cape Forchu lighthouse and collected rocks and of the girls' favourite things to do! It was a bit chillier on Sunday, but it was still nice and sunny and about +12C. I met up with Janet, who steered me in the proper direction to find some local stores what carry stamp/scrapbooking stuff...however, one of the stores was undergoing renos and had all their crafty stuff put away! Eep! Imagine, them not thinking it was a necessity to have out! lol :) So, onto the next store where I got 6 stamps and the Disney rainbow ink pad that I used in my previous post. All for just $10. 25! Screamin' deals! Then, I ran out of time and couldn't stop at any more as we were running behind, as usual... Oh well, next time I'll know where to go! lol :)

These are some of the pics from our ventures and a bit of the East Coast for you to enjoy...

This first pic was taken up in Cape Breton, overlooking the community of Big Pond. That's where the Celtic singer, Rita MacNeil is from, too. Cape Breton island boasts some of the most magnificent views around. I especially love travelling there in the Fall, though, when the trees are all in full colour. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful sight!
Now on to Yarmouth, at the far other end of the province. This was our view from our 6th floor hotel room.

This is an old Schooner that was beached...not sure what the story is behind this, if it sank and they brought it up and just put it there, or if she ran into the bank...anyway, a rather neat picture.
Info on the Bay of Fundy and Cape Forchu in Yarmouth where we collected sea shells.
Cape Forchu Lighthouse.
Looking down towards the ocean from the base of the lighthouse.
Girls on top of the 'mountain' as they called it. :)
The girls and me with the lighthouse in the background.

Ok, I just realized that it's after midnight...gotta call it a day. I'll be back tomorrow with another card.

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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Tracy.H said...

I so wish I could come on a road trip with you all! It is so beautiful. I must get out East one day. The farthest East I have been is Saskatoon!! ;0)