Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas card and Gift from Catherine

I got home from work last night to a wonderful treat from my friend, Catherine Levy. She brought over this sweet snowman card and some wonderful goodies. I love the tin that she decorated, I've purchased some of these tins, as well, to alter for Xmas gifts. You'll have to excuse the fact that I took the pic after we (Jim, the girls and me) all had several Xmas M & M's already...the can was full to the top!!! lol :)

She also brought over a big Xmas container full of yummy muffins. Jim is always teasing her telling her that if she wants to come over she has to bring muffins or if she calls, he tells her, it'll cost ya some muffins...cause they're so good! These ones were no exception to the norm...yummy as always, Catherine! Thanks again so much!

Well, I'm heading off to cook supper now and to sneak a few more M & M's! lol :)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)


Tracy.H said...

What a great Christmas RAK! Catherine is one big sweetie!! :0)

chelemom said...

What a nice friend! Suddenly I have a taste for muffins!

Ila said...

This is so nice!! Muffins are sounding great to me about now too...coffees