Thursday, October 30, 2008

Butterfly Earrings and a Halloween RAK

I got called into work last night, so I didn't get a chance to post this last night. These are the cards from Tuesday night when I had a few of the girls in for a crafty night. First, I wanted to share the beautiful card that Deborah March made me as a thank you for hosting. Not that I needed a card for hosting, but hey, who doesn't love to get cards. You can see a description of the supplies that she used for the card here. I was thrilled though by what Deborah had put inside the card...she makes gorgeous beaded jewelry and she made me this beautiful set of butterfly earrings. Wasn't that sweet of her! :) I got such a kick out of the inside of her card, I've been to her place several times, but it seems that every time I've organized a get together with the group, she's either been out of town or not able to make it. In case you can't ready the picture below, the inside of the card reads ' I finally made it to Julie's house! Thanks for hosting. Too funny! :)

Yvonne Balmer also showed up with these sweet little Halloween treats for me and my girls. I'll give them to them in the morning, I know they'll be thrilled. They always love 'Yvonne treats!' There's a little chocolate patty sandwiched inside each of the scalloped circles. Too cute! Thanks again, so much, Yvonne! You're too pun intended! lol :)

This is a beautiful card made by Catherine Levy, whose name I drew for our Xmas Card Challenge this time around. I thought at first that she had stamped the large snowflakes on either corner, but later found out that they're part of the patterned paper. Very pretty! I might just have to go out and get some of that paper! lol :)

Here are links to the other Xmas challenge cards from the Tuesday night:


I'll share the card that I made while the girls were over in my post. Stay tuned...

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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