Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DP that I used for my Trifold card

I've had a few people email me asking what kind of paper I used for my Triangle Trifold card so I thought I would post it to let you all know. I know I never really get into all the wonderful ways that other people do about describing their cards. I guess it's because I tend to rant so badly, that I may never get off the computer if I had to go into depth about how I made every card! lol :) I figure if anyone has any questions about how I did a card, they can always ask me. For the most part, a lot of the cards that I do are pretty straight forward and if I do something special, I add a tutorial, as well, to clarify things.

Anyway, the DP (designer paper) that I used was the gorgeous paper that I got up in New Brunswick while we were visiting my in-laws a couple of months ago. The paper is called 'Tickled Pink - Inspire" (tic-191) by Three Bugs in a Rug. They have a website addy listed on the bottom of the paper, it's in case you're interested. I'm sure there are lots of places to buy this DP, but I'm still rather new to buying it, so I can usually never remember where I bought it! OMG! I just checked out this site for myself and I'm absolutely drooling! Tonnes of gorgeous paper and rub-ons...perhaps an order in the making. I tried the store locator, but it's not working, after I select my area, it's directing me to select a US State, but still in Canada! I think it's confused...perhaps I'll try again later. lol :)

For my technique, I simply used the centre strip of this sheet of 12 x 12 paper. I cut a square, then cut the square in half on the diagonal for my two end pieces. For the inside piece for journaling on, I used a piece of SU Barely Banana cardstock , it's almost an identical match to the background colour of my DP. For the three flowers going up the side of the journaling piece, I actually cut them out my hand...I cheated and only cut out two large flowers and cut one in half to use one on the top and one on the bottom. Then, I cut out the little green flowers and used my mini circle punch for the black and white ones. Easier than cutting those teeny weeny flowers out by hand! I really don't like cutting flowers whatever is easiest is my preferred route! lol :) Now, for the outside of the card, I also cut out the flowers from the DP. I really love the colours and think I may try another one of these cards tonight. They're a lot of fun!

Have fun with this and hope you can find some of this paper. It really is gorgeous and nice heavy weight DP. It was a great find, I bought about a dozen sheets of it and I've been rationing it...sometimes I think it's almost too pretty to cut up, but then, I guess it would be prettier on a card or another project than sitting in my Iris drawers, eh?

Well, I'm off to create something...I'll post it later tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

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