Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enjoying another gorgeous day

Spring is definitely here! Although we're all fighting colds and me with Laryngitis, we did enjoy another gorgeous day here today. That makes 3 days in a row of +24 C! I love it...and apparently so do the crocuses that the previous owner surprised us with that started growing in my garden! They're such pretty little flowers, I love the deep purple colour. Certainly springy looking for sure! :) Only problem is that the girls keep picking them for me...sweet gesture, but soon there won't be any left outside to enjoy! lol :)

I have to decide what else I'm gonna add to my garden. It's funny but I hated to leave my old house as my garden was beautiful, now I have to start over from scratch. I already have a Holly bush that I'm adding to the driveway side of the front entrance steps. If there's any Green Thumbs out there that would like to offer advise on some nice flowers or bushes that would spruce up my front garden, comment away! :) I love hearing from people and I'm always up for suggestions!

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