Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Maze Book for Craig

This is the maze book that I came up with last night for our friend, Craig to take on the ship with him when he goes sailing. Just a few little pictures of his newborn girl to enjoy while he's away from her. Craig is a great Daddy, I know he'll carry this little book around with him to brag about 'Daddy's Little Girl.' :) I tired to keep it as masculine as I could, so he wouldn't be embarrassed carrying it around. It took a lot for me not to add pink to it! lol :)

I used the template that I found on CraftTVWeekly for their Maze Book. You can watch a full video of the project, plus download the whole illustrated tutorial of the same project. Just click on the link below the video window that says 'Download Design Guide' and you can save a copy using Adobe Reader. What a wonderful site for tutorials. I love them! :) You've gotta check them out!

I made this little maze book last night while my youngest daughter was up til 11:55 PM! Yes, she was more wired than I can explain. Excited for the Easter Bunny coming, I guess. Oh my goodness the rambling!!! Finally, I tried putting her to sleep again and when I put her in her bed for the last time, she was sound asleep in about 1 minute, flat!

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