Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A relaxing night at Diana's

Yup, it's way too late again and I should be sleeping, but I had to come home and upload the pic of the 'one' card that I got done at Diana's tonight. lol :) Not a very productive card making night, but we had a nice time drinking coffee and chatting. I did manage to get one card made, just so that when I got home, Jim wouldn't ask me, "So, why did you go over then, when you could have just talked on the phone?" It's all about getting out, though, isn't it. Anyway, it was nice to get together with Diana and Jennifer and just relax without all of our little ones running around like they normally do while we're all together.

But, I have to go to bed, my alarm clock will be going off in 5 hours, Ahhh! I hope that's enough time to get rid of these tired, bloodshot eyes...I guess Catherine can let me know at pre-school in the morning! lol :)

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Diana Graff said...

too many late nights! but this one was fun! I hope we can do it again more often. :P lovely card! Even if it was messy to make it's so worth it.