Saturday, April 14, 2007

A great night out!

I don't have a card to share with you tonight, but on the bright side I had a great night tonight! Jim stayed home with the kids tonight and I left and picked up my friend, Michele at 5 pm and we went shopping and I bought Jim a new MP3 player for his trip. Our other one died last year and he likes to listen to music while he's sailing, so I thought I would surprise him with a treat. :)

Anyway, then at 6 PM, Michele and I met up with 6 other friends at East Side Mario's for dinner and we just left at 10:30 PM! I think the people at the restaurant must have been wondering if we were ever gonna leave, but we all had a great time chatting and telling stories. It was just so nice being there without all our kids. Usually when we all get together it's for a playdate, which is fine, but it's nice to just have Mommy's night out every once in a while! :) I just got home and Jim was mighty pleased about his little treat. I think I scored some big-time brownie points! ...Do I see a Cuttlebug is my future for my birthday...pretty please! lol :)

Well, this woman is going to relax for a bit and go to bed. Thanks for stopping by!

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