Thursday, April 12, 2007

Playdate at Diana's house today

A few pics today of our playdate at my friend, Diana's house. Alex and Tallie have so much fun there. Always lots of kids and toys to play with. It's a nice time for me to chat with the other Mom's, too. It was my first day out of the house since Friday night! I threw my back out on Sat, well, that's how I woke up on Sat., been laid up ever since. So, needless to say it was really nice to finally get out of the house today. Still pretty sore, but the kids and I were getting a bit shack happy and when Diana called and invited us, we hurried to get ready and flew out the door!

This is my youngest, Tallie (Natalia) and her little friend, Cody, shooting some hoops.

Alex is here pondering her next great masterpiece! lol :) She had a great time having some crafty time and story time with Diego. I think Isaac's got some competition! Alexandria and Isaac are engaged (or so they say), but Diego is doing some serious pining over her! lol :) I think you're safe, though, Isaac, Diego is 2 years younger than Alex!!

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Diana Graff said...

Yep.. Diego is going to be some tough competition. Hehehehe... I love having you guys over, Diego actually kind of behaves, that is until he wants to start serving icecream for lunch to all the children.. ;)