Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A rainbow of faux stitching colours

Last night when I was in the midst of making the cards below...I decided that I needed a dark brown gel pen so that I could do the faux stitching on the flower and doodling on the edge of the House Mouse image.

So, that was one of my mission this afternoon. I went to Staples and found this package of 10 different colours of pens. They write really well and were a reasonable price. $8.29 + tax. I then went to Zellers and they also sell these, but for $8.97 + tax. They will price match, though! I'm the Queen of Price Matching, it soooo embarrasses Jim when I do, but hey, it's more money for other things when I do...stamps included! lol :)

Lots of you have probably already spied these pens...I just don't hang around the stationary section of stores very often. Glad I ventured there today! Now I have to go hide them from my budding little artists that are sleeping upstairs! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a good night and I'll be back soon!

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