Friday, April 13, 2007

A fabulous card from Sharon

I got this fabulous card in the mail today, from Sharon Grant, one of my stamping friends. Don't you just love it? I love her choice of designer paper and her woman stamp is priceless! Sweet little flower and brad embellies along with a little bling for her earrings. Too cute! The best part is that it came with some unmounted stamps that I bought from her. She even threw in an extra teddy bear stamp for my daughter's to play with as they love to stamp with me. I 'might' let them play with my new goodies...just kidding! lol :) Thanks so much, Sharon for passing them on. I can't wait to play with them, but I need to get some acrylic blocks first so that I can use them. Yes, I'm an unmounted stamp virgin! I think I've always just bought mounted stamps because I was too lazy to make a wood block by myself...duh...never thought of buying acrylic blocks! Should have known there was a lazy man route for my dilemma! No, I don't have blond roots...but I do need to colour it soon to get rid of this beastly gray hair that's showing up full force! I think my kids and husband are turning me gray!!! :(

It's been a busy day of running around trying to get as many groceries and household things while I can before Jim leaves for 2 months this Monday. My girls don't behave very well in stores, so I rather stocked up today to avoid any extra trips with them. Is that terrible? Just trying to maintain my sanity, is all! :) Jim joked with me when I got home asking me if I left any groceries for other people to buy. One would think I was stocking a storm shelter or something! lol Little do they know my children are the storm when we go grocery shopping together, they tear through the store like a hurricane! A bit stressful for me!

Well, Jim's putting the kiddies to bed so I can relax for the evening...might get some stamping in...

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Cindy Keery said...

What a fun card! I don't blame you for not wanting to go grocery shopping. I send my dh whenever I can. Today I took the girls, though, and it was a bit of a mad house. "Can I have that yo-yo?". No. "Can I have those cheese strings?". No. "Can I have...." on and on and on and on. ;-)