Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Great SU Party Tonight

We all had a great night tonight at Diana's Stampin' Up! party...well, I know at least I did! lol :) My Mum came to babysit so I could go out with the girls and have a girls night out. Bought more goodies and ate a couple of Nanaimo Bars (yeah, yeah, I know...they're not on the LA plan, but I couldn't help it, they were calling my name!)

I really like the first card that we did. I love the colours and we did another technique that's new to me. We used a SU wheel for the black strip and used Whisper White craft ink. While it was still wet, we daubed on blue chalk over some of the larger images. I'll be playing with this technique some more, I know it! Hard to see in the picture, but it's a nice, subtle look.

The second project that we did was a little goodie pouch to put whatever you want in. Maybe candy or flower seeds or specialty herbal tea, etc. as a little gift. Pretty, though. Again, I like the colours a lot on this one. This was a square piece of cardstock that with some folds became this cute little pouch and it didn't even require any glue. Quite a neat little origami project. I'll do up a tutorial in the next couple of days, I'd like to try another one with double-sided designer paper.

Well, its time for bed...thanks for stopping by! :)

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Shannon said...

I'll have to try that craft ink and chalk technique. Thanks for posting. I like the goodie pouch as well.