Monday, April 16, 2007

Ribbon and Brads for an Addict

So, Jim left this morning for 7 weeks at sea. I was a bit sad, so I decided to do a bit of retail therapy. Michaels has a great deal on right now for ribbon and brads. That's all I ended up getting, and a little horse figurine for each of the girls. Can you believe we went in the store at exactly 9:00 AM when they opened and we walked out at 10:35 AM! Does it take that long to buy 2 horses, 2 packages of brads and 6 rolls of ribbon?! Apparently so! I didn't have my watch on and the girls were very indecisive today on their choice of animal figurines, that's their treat when I drag them to But over 1 1/2 hours...that's just crazy! I thought we might have been in their for a little over a half an hour, but nope! Time flies when you're surrounded among crafty stuff, I guess!!! :)

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doverdi said...

What a way to help "cure" a sad heart RETAIL THERAPY! If it doesn't work the first day then you just have to keep repeating it until it works. LOL (Just remember to hide all the bags before Jim gets home lol)