Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CCE cards rec'd from Irene and Dale Anne

What a happy mail day! I got one of most unique cards I've seen in a while. This CCE (Canadian Card Exchange) card was done by Irene Heirlmeier. How very cute! I love the gardening stamp and she even included a package of organic sweet basil seeds. I'm gonna give 'em a go! I love basil! The little apron is just darling! I haven't seen this template, I wonder if she thought this one up herself to go with the stamps? Great job, Irene! Thanks so much for sharing this idea with me! :)

My second CCE card was from Dale Anne Potter. Her card was done on a recycled looking card stock that I really like. She tore the front edge of the card (hard to see in my pic.) She used a single delicate flower and background stamp on her tag and added a great saying to the side. Very serene. Great job, as well, Dale Anne! Thanks so much!

I really love getting these cards in the mail...they really make my day and I'm always excited to see what ideas everyone has. There's no theme associated with this card exchange, you just make a card and receive one in return. I do up 4 of these a month, so I get 4 in return. Lots of fun! Yes, perhaps I lead a bit of a sheltered life, but these cards bring a little happiness to my crazy life! lol :)

Well, that's 3 posts for tonight, that's all for now. I'll be back soon, thanks for stopping by! :)

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