Friday, May 4, 2007

Pop-Out Window card with Tutorial

Here's a card for ya to try. They're a lot of fun! It's a card a made a while ago, but a friend of mine was looking for a new style of card to try, so I suggested that she try this one. I've included the instructions, in case anyone else might be interested, too.

For the white oval mat layer for underneath, just cut out a square and then cut the smaller oval out of it. Make a score line down the centre of the oval background layer.

Cut two pieces of card stock, these are standard side, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Make another score line down the centre of your inside and outside layers of card stock (but don't adhere them together yet.) Now that you have a centre line for the inside layer, you can make your larger oval frame cut on this one. Adhere the white mat layer to the inside of the card.

Line up your two pieces of card stock together and stamp the inside centre of your ovals with your choice of stamp.

Now, you can adhere the two main pieces together. Just make sure you use the 'Terrifically Tacky Tape' or super tacky tape to adhere the two ends of the card stock pieces together. That way, you'll be sure it'll stay together.

The main frame of the card is now finished so you can continue to decorate it as you like. Have fun with this! :) Oh, I used my SU Print Pattern background stamp on the inside layer of cs before I glued the oval mat frame and the outside layer of cs to it.


Deb M in BC :) said...

Wow, Julie! What an awesome card! Very creative. Deb :)

Jamie White said...

Awesome! But way too ambitious for me! ;) All of your cards are so beautiful! You are very creative!