Saturday, May 26, 2007

Don't worry if I've unsubscribed....

I feel that I need to explain to those that I've just unsubscribed from through FeedBlitz. It's not that I don't luv all your blogs! It's just that I've been running Google Reader for a couple of days now, and am finally saving some time, I added all your blogs into my list, so I'm not missing anything. I love it! What a great service!!! :)

I've had a couple of people unsubscribe from my blog, I got all worried, thinking perhaps I'm really boring or I ramble to much...yeah, I know I do that...or maybe my creations just aren't nice enough. I'm such a worrier of what others may think of me! Anyway, hopefully it's just that they've done as I have and got on the Google Reader train! I hope so! I'm such an emotional sap!!! lol :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend for my American friends, that you're having a wonderful Memorial Day long weekend. It's been very rainy here lately, some sunshine, but still very chilly. Today, it's +34C! Woohoo! We actually had to leave the playground this afternoon cause we were all getting way too hot! I had to get home anyway, as I'm having a few friends over tonight to stamp and I have some sweets to make. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Nancy said...

I just LOVE Google Reader!! Have you found out about the "next" button you can put on your tool bar to navigate to the next blog with something new?

*Go to Google Reader
*click on settings
*click on goodies
*find "put reader in a bookmark"
*drag the highlighted "next" to your bookmark bar