Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scalloped Kitty by Alex

EEEP! My 5 year old, Alexandria decided to make a little kitty today as a surprise for me... unfortunately it was with one of my punched scalloped ovals that Tracy sent me! Rather a cute little kitty, but kinda wish she had cut out one of her own... :( Oh well, she was so pleased with herself, how could I get mad? I'll just have to hide all the 'good' stuff from now on! lol :) She's absolutely obsessed with cutting things out and loves gluing stuff together. My little crafty girl in the making! :)


Jamie White said...

My gosh, that is precious, Julie! I can't wait until Ella gets interested in doing that stuff...you know, instead of just eating the paper. :)

Tracy.H said...

Awesome job, Alex!! Maybe, I will have to send you...and Alex...some more ;0)