Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Birthday card from Catherine

I had a great day today. The girls and I did some running around and then we made our way out to my dear friend, Catherine's house for her son's 3rd birthday party. She had a BBQ for him and we had a great time. Her family is all so nice and our kids get along great. The weather was a downpour this morning, but it cleared up quite nicely so the kids were all able to play outside. Good to let them just run like crazy! They were certainly ready for sleep tonight!

When I arrived at Catherine's house, she gave this sweet birthday card made with some of her new mini acrylic stamps. I love it! It's a very happy card. Thanks so much, Catherine! You can check out Catherine Levy's blog here. She also have me a gift certificate to go shopping at Reitmans. How sweet is that? I've been buying a lot of 2nd hand clothes lately as I hate spending too much money on clothes while I'm in the in-between stage to my goal weight. It's not like I'm wearing rags, but I just wanted something that fit better. I'm down 62 lbs now, but I still have another 40 lbs to go. I had to break down and buy some clothes as my other ones were hanging off me! What a great feeling! :) I'm very proud of myself. So, to treat myself, I think I'll wait until the weekend and go shopping while Jim can watch the girls. I can't wait! Retail therapy and new clothes, what more could a person ask for! lol :)

Thanks for stopping by and for all your comments on my birthday blog candy. You guys ROCK! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Julie and I am glad you had a good day. Congrats on your weight loss so far and good luck with the remainder. Enjoy yuor new clothes.

Tracy.H said...

Glad you had a good bday! Have fun deserve it!!