Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A few CCE's and more Autism cards

I received some great cards in today's mail. First, Charlene Weaver dropped off a set of 6 cards made by her for the Autism Auction project. She made them all the same and they're just adorable. I love them, they're very Springy. Thanks so much for making them up, Charly! :) You can check out Charly's Crazy Corner blog here.

Next, I got a CCE card for March from Judith Brooks. Poor Judith was moving and all her stamping stuff was in storage...gasp...I'd go crazy if I was without my stamping gear for that long! lol :) She emailed me to let me know it would be late. No worries, I never care when they arrive, as long as I get them. I just love getting mail that doesn't require me sending money to them or junk mail from the umpteen million pizza joints around here! lol :) Thanks for the card Judith, I like the shimmery cardstock and the collage theme makes a nice masculine card.
Next on the list is another CCE card for June from Sandra Haycock. She was sent this stamped pigs image all the way from Japan. It's in honour of the Year of the Pig. I just learned that Sandra is another neighbour just across the Harbour on the Halifax side of our twin cities. Perhaps we'll have to get together for a stamping get together sometime! The more the merrier! :) Thanks for the card, Sandra, I like the pigs, they're cute and the colours remind me of Fall, my favourite time of the year! :)
Today was a big CCE day, I got one more from Carole Mork this time. This is a cute card with the colourful fish. My daughter took a special liking to this card. The inside reads, "We Fish you a Happy Birthday!!" Too cute! :) Thanks, Carole, that made me laugh. Funny, I come from the Maritimes and I like to look at fish, but don't really care to eat them! People often ask me if I'm originally from the Maritimes, cause they figure everyone should just love to eat fish. Well, I am from here, but I'm just petrified of swallowing bones. Oh well...

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